What Liberty Ate in Milano II

It’s quite hard to visit a city in only three days. But, it hasn’t been so difficult for Milan. Milan it’s a very beautiful city, though with not so many touristic attractions. Not so many as in Paris or London, but enough.

This small trip has been quite unexpected, but very desired. Actually it has turn out to be on the same day of our anniversary (me & my sweet-heart), so it was full of love, with a reason behind.

We left for Milan directly from Brno, and in just few hours we were merging between noisy Italians. We were discovering small streets, the big and full of history Duomo, the endless extremely expensive Emanuele II Gallery (the oldest “mall” in Europe, as I heard), the “Last Supper” of my very old friend (from my childhood) da Vinci, the Red Castle and so, so many other.

I found, full of joy, the famous macarons near by the Piazza del Duomo and ate them breathless. I found the other addiction of mine, the candescent Swarovski shop in Emanuele Gallery. I found extremely design-full window’s shop with cozy kitchen (on my wish list already) or sexy little things.

I drank good cappuccino, I ate good huge pizza, I enjoyed this small spring break and then like nothing happen, returned back home above the whitey clouds and blue sky.