What Liberty Ate in Milano I

Bella Italia deserves a lot. You need time to understand her right. She is full of cheer, good food, fashion and a lot of fashion. Milano amazed me with hastiness that people showed in everything that they did. Like a huge ant bear, in which everyone had an clear objective. An in this huge ant bear everyone looks happy and they are enjoying life as much as possible.

But, let’s talk about food. The Italian food is amazing, as you all may know already. I loved they stores cram-full with thousands of type of pasta. The heaven of pasta in all the ways you can think about it. Good prosciutto, salami, cheese, pastry and again, prosciutto, salami, cheese, pastry. You must have time to try all amazing recipes that they are preparing each day.

I ate extremely good pizza in Milano, I’ve enjoyed the wonderful Duomo, their expensive fashion brands, the crowded subway, coffee, food, and people. It has been a blast!