Valentine’s Day Ideas – French Macarons (2)

Valentine’s Day is just next to the door, so you don’t have any time to loose. A wonderful sweet gift idea for your sweetheart is for sure the amazing macaron. This sweet treat is so worth it to be tried at home!

I have experimenting the macarons already for few months. I think this is my 7th or 8th attempt of baking macarons. Macarons, are for sure the most inexpensive treats, but how simple to make, are they finally?

Few of the things that I’ve learn during my tests with macarons, are exactly the details that make the difference between a perfect macaron and just a flat shell.

First of all, the egg whites should be aged at least 48 hours, or even more. The egg whites shouldn’t be over beaten. I don’t beat them more then 3 minutes. Moreover, the macaron’s batter should be very well dried before baking the macarons. If you will dry enough the macaron’s batter, you’ll get the famous little foot once baking. If you will follow all these small important details, for sure your macarons will be just like mine.