Sneak Peek for Valentine’s Day

I want to share with you all a small preview of the recipes, ideas and photography prepared or in progress for Valentine’s Day. I’m very happy to finally say that my addiction for french macarons reached the perfection, and I’ve got my first macarons (after 8 attempts I think) as they should be looking (see pictures below). I couldn’t believe this week-end, when while baking a new batch of macarons, I saw the famous little foot of the macarons. After all these attempts, I can finally say what I was doing wrong before and how I got the macaron’s foot. But all this on a special post very soon this week.

I’m also preparing a very nasty-sweet-loving cake for Valentine’s Day, made from marzipan, special own recipe. I’ve been trying also summer-like sour cherries muffins, which turn out tremendously good. Not only the sweet treats will be treated on the Valentine’s Day, but also some easy and light fish appetizers. Starting this week, I’ll publish one by one each recipe, as used already, with its own story photography.