Milano sei belissima

Two days ago I came back from Milan. I didn’t had any time though, to sort and publish any photos or impressions about this beautiful country. Being still under the influence of beautiful Italy, today I’ve cooked an tremendous salmon pizza and took few minutes to decide which one of all beautiful photos I can publish first.

Milan has been amazing, but more details about it, in future posts dedicated totally to Italy. For tonight, try this crispy pizza with rich, tender salmon and fresh salad.


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Ingredients :

– 1 pizza dough
– 50 g tomato sauce
– 200 g fresh salmon fillet
– 5 fresh mushrooms
– 100 g mozzarella
– 1 egg lightly beaten
– 10 green olives, cut in half
– fresh rosemary
– fresh chopped chive

Preheat the oven to 200°C. Line parchment paper onto your pan and roll out the dough on top of it. Using a brush spread the tomato sauce over your dough. Add the mushrooms sliced, the salmon fillets, olives, mozzarella and rosemary. Back it for 15 minutes, then gently spread on it the egg lightly beaten. Cook for 5-10 minutes more, or until the salmon is done. Serve it with freshly chopped chive, rocket salad and white wine.