Orange Tagliolini with Prosciutto and Yogurt Sauce

In Brno, the winter still hasn’t moved away. Outside is foggy, windy and sometimes snowing and no trace of sun. On this weather conditions you are not really feeling to eat just vegetables, but to keep the balance equal, low fat dishes are advised. Considering all this, today I’ve prepared this delicious and light tagliolini made with orange peel (bought as it is) topped with yogurt sauce and few slices of prosciutto. I’ve added also celery in the sauce to make it more tasteful and nourishing. The recipes is pretty strait, no frying, no processing, just boiling the pasta. This recipe can be done in 15 minutes, just the time to cook the pasta.

Off topic, I’ll have just a few words regarding my recipes and photography style of displaying them in this blog. Considering that I’ve received several comments that my recipes are not so easy to be read, I want to highlight that every picture can be zoomed if you’ll just click on it. If this process is not too handy, I’ve already started to create the photography with bigger text. The idea of blog is based on the magazine layout style. However, for future reference I’ll keep in mind to make the posts with more legibility and why not to make changes when necessary. All feed-back is very appreciated, so keep replying what should be improved.