Croissants au beurre

French butter croissants with raspberry homemade jam…the breakfast dream of everyone who tasted at least once the amazing french croissants. When I was living in Strasbourg, I was starting my mornings almost daily with a tender, velvety croissant. The recipe that I will present below, is the original french recipe that you should be able to find it in any basic french cookbook. Is like the recipe for bread : everybody knows it, but is not at the hand of everybody to make it. Is easy to buy them, right? But, what if, your local pastry shop is not making them so good, and if you are not living in France?

What you should know about the french croissants : we need time to prepare them, because they are made out from three turns, which makes the puffy, velvety pastry so good. Croissants are never light, they are full of good butter (never too much), so don’t count the calories if you want to eat croissants. Start making them one day before you want to eat them, because the dough really needs to cooled slowly in the fridge. They are easy to make, but require a lot of time, until you can finally taste them. But, every minute and effort is really worthwhile.