Egg White Omelette with Rosemary and Red Sweet Pepper

Because lately I ate a lot of spicy food, this morning I wanted for breakfast something very light. I love the omelette in the morning, but we all know that an whole egg has quite many calories (148). So why not an egg white omelet? One egg white has only 60 calories and no fat.

– 1 teaspoon rosemary olive oil
– 2 large egg whites
– a pinch of oregano, pepper and salt
– red baked sweet pepper

 How to make the egg white omelette :

Heat rosemary flavored olive oil in a small nonstick skillet over low heat. Meanwhile, whisk together egg whites and salt, incorporating a lot of air, which will ensure that the omelet is light and fluffy. Be sure not to do this in advance or the egg whites will deflate.

Place your hand directly above the skillet. When your palm feels warm, the skillet is ready to start cooking. Working quickly, pour whisked eggs into the heated skillet. While shaking skillet back and forth over heat, stir with a heatproof rubber spatula for less than 1 minute. You want to keep eggs moving, incorporating any runny parts and some curds begin to form.

Continue cooking, making sure eggs cover the entire surface of the skillet and using a spatula to push together any holes that may have formed.

Top with chopped baked red sweet pepper, then fold on half the omelet. Lightly press down on omelette with the spatula to seal omelette together. Enjoy!