Delicious Indian Food

Friday night I had dinner with my colleagues from IBM and we decided to go to the best Indian restaurant in Brno. I love the Indian food, I already said this, and I’m trying at home from time to time famous Indian recipes. Moreover we have in Brno also a shop with authentic Indian spices and other ingredients to Cook Indian dishes, so I’m developing slowly new skills to cook Indian.

Indian gastronomy has many derivations from a single dish, so even if some meals can look alike, the taste makes however the big difference. The Indian food is not at all a food hard to assimilate, but it depends on what and how much are you eating.

We tried as appetizers Papadooms Masala  and Chicken Samosa. Papadooms Masala it’s a sort of chips made from lentil flour, topped with herbs, but 100 time better then potatoes chips. Chicken Samosa is a crispy pastry stuffed with chicken and green peas, relished with exotic spices. For vegetarian, similar is the Vegetable Samosa, crispy pastry stuffed with potatoes and vegetables with traditional Indian spices.

For the main course we tried a lot of dishes. Kadhai chicken, butter chicken, curry chicken, lamb masala, Seekh Kebab and even more, but I don’t remember anymore all the names. The main course it’s usually a finder food and must be eaten with naan – traditional Indian bread from wheat flour baked in Tandoor. The butter naan, is even better.

Kadhai chicken is cooked with capsicum, onion, ginger and garlic, with a touch of coriander, herbs and exotic spices. Curry chicken is cooked in curry sauce ( a lot of sauce), actually the best curry I ever had and goes best with the butter naan. The lamb masala has an amazing and tender taste. The Seekh Kebab is a mincemeat kebab with garlic, ginger and special mix of Indian spices. Depending on the dish, the food is brought in special hot pot, or on wooden hot plates garnished with caramelized onions.