Autumn’s Feelings

It’s autumn. It’s cold outside. And all you need for ending in a comfort way your day,  it’s a hot cup of nice flavored vanilla green tea. And a mini slice of apple tart with the tasteful oranges. Oranges’ scent remember me about the Christmas Holidays from childhood when the scent of oranges seemed to be very special. There were no winter holidays without oranges and homemade cookies.

Apple Crumble Tart with Orange and Yogurt

Vanilla Green Tea with Honey

Grand-ma was always waking me up in the morning with a cup of hot tea. Liquids are very important for the human body especially in the morning, and the tea it’s one of the most healthy liquid that you can drink.

So now that you tasted something sweet and warmed your body with the tea, all you need more it’s a nice movie and a night good sleep with quick come.