12 Days of Love - I

Muffins with White Chocolate and Strawberries

- 3 eggs
- 70 gr butter
- 70 gr white unsweetened chocolate
- 120 gr white chocolate semi-sweet
- 100 gr flour, sifted
- 100 gr caster sugar
- halfRead more

Lazy Sunday’s Veggie and Cheese Omelette

Good morning from Brno! The autumn has really claimed the rights of  the gray weather and this Sunday seems to be very fogginess. I'm planning to be very lazy today, so a fast made veggie omelette shouldRead more

Grissini with Cheese and Fennel

Childhood ... a time filled with sunny days playing around the house and dreaming about fairy-tales. No worries, no responsibilities, no thoughts for the future, just living the moment in a complete fantasy.

EveryRead more