What Liberty Ate in Barcelona III

During our stay in Barcelona, we wished to eat like Spanish people, nothing fancy nor with 3 Michelin starts on the front door. We wished to eat like the indigenous people, not like a high-hat tourist.

That’s why we started our morning with an delicious shrimp scrambled eggs, aside with toasted bread – alike bread like we used to eat when we were kids when the toaster was not yet invented. To be honest, the most, I enjoyed the taste of the oily toasted bread, because the last time when I ate something similar was 8 years ago. The shrimps were fresh, the eggs were medium done, just enough to feel better the taste, in perfect balance with the oily toasted bread.

If you all thinking about the calories, just forget about that, because I was simply not thinking anymore at this, and moreover we had just a full day of walking and visiting around, under the hot sun of Barcelona.

Late in the afternoon, after we came disappointed from visit of the Picasso Museum, we ate some small tapas, and then we enjoyed one pollo boracho with an big steamy baked potato. The jacket potato was really big, with a pinch of butter and salt on the top. The chicken was drowning in the wine and onion sauce, sauce that I’m crazy about it.

And like this, 5 days passed quickly, we cheer at the smile of Spanish people, at the happiness of their faces, at the lovely food and at the sun which was each day more hot. I’ll start testing the Spanish kitchen in my kitchen once with the tapas book that I bought from Barcelona.