What Liberty Ate in Barcelona II

Around 10:00 a.m. we left to visit Camp Nou, desirous to discover the famous spanish stadium. After we cooled down a little bit underground with the metro, we drank our coffee near the stadium. It was the famous already café Cortado, with a chocolate muffin aside.

After hundreds of photos taken to all Barcelona cups, and after a long tour of the stadium, after ups and downs to and from the arena and after visiting the souvenir shop, we were incredibility famished. So, we stopped near Sagrada Familia, to eat at some small family restaurant.

We tried again gazpacho, but this time it was not so good as the first, probably the recipe or the chief’s execution was not so good.

The main dish was however faultless : chicken with plums or pollo con ciruelas. The plums were not dry, not too hard or too soft. They had the perfect consistency as to permit to the pit to be expelled easily, and the chicken was very good done. Beau didn’t loved too much the sweet-savory taste. As for me, I like it too much, and the combination reminded me of my childhood when I didn’t wanted to eat food with sweet-savory taste. But, as we can see, the taste is changing…

The dessert was simple : vanilla ice cream with caramel. Refreshing for all the C degrees from outside.

To be continued…