What Liberty Ate in Barcelona I

I just came back from Barcelona today and I was very impressed with this amazing city. Even if it was an adventure to arrived there, we started Monday with my favorite café Cortado, and a croissant as good as in Paris.

Near by Sagrada Familia we ate a delicious lunch starting with the traditional gazpacho and a cold beer.

The main dish was pollo con curry, which from the first bite reminded me instantly of my grand-mother’s food, even if she never cooked using curry 😀 . The curry together with the parsley had the “home taste” which I’ll never forget. The chicken was tender, and the baked potatoes were perfectly bounding with the curry sauce.

Normally, I don’t like and don’t eat curry and this is only after I ate some chicken sandwich drown in curry sauce, in France, few years back. Well, let’s say that I’ve tried to eat that sandwich, because I was not able to finish it thanks to the stifling curry sauce. It seams however, that the curry made by the Spanish chief it was after all, not so bad, and now I have good memories with this curry.

Beau tried a medium rare steak with baked potatoes, and he was delighted as much as I was with my curry.

To be continued…